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Bullied students often find refuge in the School Nurse office. Once, a good looking elementary school aged boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old, told me other male classmates were calling him gay because of a chain he wore on his neck. He also said during a class discussion that his favorite musical artist was a woman. I told him that only he can determine if he's gay, not other people. It helped for that moment, at least. I seriously doubt that moving to any other state will change the bullying. My step brother's son experienced similar bullying in a Kenosha, Wisconsin elementary school. I personally hated getting laughed at or classmates making a big deal about me doing something in school that my parents accepted at home. Then I was mad at my parents for not warning me in advance. At home, my parents and my brother would all laugh if one of us farted. Do that accidentally at school in 1st grade and you may never live it down. Of course, I'm not admitting that I was ever that naive, or that I associate elementary and junior high school with bullying, but I did. Does the school have a school counselor to help him learn coping strategies?

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