This year has been interesting to me, in that I have tried to craft a story, an autobiographical narrative. To explain what led me to be folded in the particular way that I am.

It wasn't until I got most of the way through that story that I realized that -- in making it comprehensible for the person I wanted to share it with -- I had also come to understand my own story, and had gotten better at seeing hers.

And now I think we both know. That's weirdly wholesome, seeing and being seen.

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At its best I find that journaling can be very useful for me to better understand my own feelings and reasons why. I have also at various times used writing letters that I don't intend to send as a tool for exploring how I feel, particularly about the things I don't feel like I can say for whatever reason.

I think I've been less successful with writing and sharing. Or who knows. I've certainly written many things over the years that I hoped would result in being seen. I don't know that I've really felt like I succeeded in that much in recent times. Of course it's hard to judge what others see so maybe I'm wrong.

Either way I'm a big proponent of writing for its own sake. The ways that it can help clarify things internally is valuable to me even aside from what I communicate to the outside world.

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